Claude Alexander Jr.

Senior Pastor, The Park Church


Randy Frazee

Lead Teaching Pastor, Westside Family Church


Nick Hall

Founder & Chief Communicator, Pulse


Greg Ealey

Campus Pastor, Colonial Presbyterian Church


Carolyn Cofield

Director, Daughters of the Dawn Prayer Gathering


Don Lewis

Director, Neighbors Who Care, a Crime Victims Assistance Ministry


Jose and Sandra Escarsega

Pastors, Casa de Alabanza / Worship House

This online event will include

  • Live online breakout discussion time!
  • Kansas City pastors and leaders sharing about the Bible and...
  • How the KC-area citywide Body of Christ is responding to meet needs in the KC metro area
  • Uniting the Citywide Church of KC
  • Racial Healing, Trauma Healing, and Prayer for KC
  • A Citywide Bible Engagement Initiative for 2021
  • Free resources from the Trauma Healing Institute at American Bible Society
  • Free resources from Year of the Bible
  • An outward-facing, media-driven platform for meeting needs in the KC metro area
  • Citywide marketing campaigns for missional activity of the Church of KC

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